We want to help you GROW deeper in Your Bible Knowledge

Check out all the great resources.

These are some resources that we recommend that you use to enhance your study of the Bible. Most of these are free! We have used them ourselves and found them to helpful. This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully it will help you in your journey to knowing God more deeply.
This is a online resource to help study the Bible. You can click on the name above and you will be taken to this site. You can search by Bible verse, word, or topic. It contains different Bible versions, Greek and Hebrew translations, cross-references, commentaries, dictionaries, and maps.  
This is another online resource to help you in your study.  You can click on the name above and you will be taken to this site. With this resource, you will search by topic, word, or question. Many of your results with have a video and a written response. This is a good site to look up answers to some of those questions that have been bouncing around your mind.
This is an app for your mobile devices. Click on the name above and you will be directed to their website. You can follow the links there to download the app. They offer audio commentaries by chapter for every book in the Bible. They offer some very helpful insight. We recommend doing their 3 day tutorial to familiarize yourself with the app. 
This is both a website and an app for your mobile device. By clicking the name above, you will be taken to the website where you start your search and/or download the app. This contains audio commentaries for most books in the Bible.

Purchase a Study Bible

This is a Great way to study the Bible. You can still use all the resources listed above but it will stay with you all the time. You can highlight, make notes, and mark pages for future reference. There are many good study Bibles available today. Do your research well. You will want to purchase one that is true historical Biblical doctrines of our faith. Also choose a translation that translated from the original texts.