The Next Step



Here is a Time Lapse Video of our progress!


In 1998, I wrote a letter to Harvest about our first worship service in 1991. I wrote that letter in my office which was also the Bragg family laundry room! My prayer was that we could raise enough funds to build our first church building. Obviously, we were successful! Harvest moved into our first building that we ever owned. After 7 years and 3 different locations, the Lord blessed us with our church building!

In 2009 we completed our new addition that expanded our foyer and remodeled our existing building all for the sake of more space for people. Why were we in need? Luke 10:2...”The harvest is plentiful...” and verse 3...”Jesus said, ‘Go, I am sending you...’ “. It is about people! Lost to found (salvation), broken to healed, sick to healthy, angry to joyful, selfish to generous, needy to helpful.

In 2015, we took on the task of paying off our existing debt of a little over $500,000. We wanted to be debt free so that we were ready to do what the Lord wanted us to do to reach people in our area for Him! We stuck together and paid it off.

We then began to search for how we could better reach out to people in our community. As you know, we went through several ideas and researched them fully. But at each opportunity, the Lord would close the door on that one. They were each closed for different reasons, but each time I could see the hand of God at work.

Now in 2020, we are excited to show you the Next Step! To show you how God has worked and opened up the doors for this opportunity.  As many of you have noticed, we need space at Harvest. A convenient, dedicated space for all of our children’s ministries. A place that is convenient and safe for your children. A larger foyer for people to fellowship and enjoy conversations. A place where small groups and other meetings can happen. And an inviting facility for those who want to worship our Lord and Savior!

We pray Harvest is a church where people are cared for, loved and are given hope through Jesus Christ! Our purpose is not finished. There are many more individuals and families to reach for Jesus Christ! Let’s build on the foundation Harvest built in 1991 and expanded in 2009 and continues today and into the future. Let us at Harvest embrace Jesus and never forget our purpose! People!!

Pastor Gary Bragg


Our children’s area (blue areas) will be more convenient and easier for our families to use. We will no longer have our children’s ministry spread throughout our building. It will also be more secure. We will have only one entrance and pick up point. The remodel will also make it better for our volunteers as they work with our children.

The addition of a larger lobby (orange area) will give us the space to take time to invest in each other’s lives. In fact, it is over 3 times larger than our current lobby. This area is what has allowed us to reconfigure the children’s area and make it more secure! It allows for another entrance/exit from the sanctuary, This lobby space will also be a great place for small groups to use as well as other Bible studies and meetings to occur.

The added side benefit of this remodel will be the consolidation of many of the staff offices (green area). This will allow for better communication for the staff and easier for people who visit the church during the week.

The current foyer and restrooms will remain untouched (yellow area).