We are excited to tell you about a new resource for you! Our leadership has invested in a Ramsey+ site license for our church family.
In the past, our church has offered Financial Peace University (FPU), the life-changing class that’s helped many of our families achieve financial peace. We’ve hosted a number of FPU classes before and have seen the hope that comes from having a plan that works. Now, Ramsey+ is taking the same principles from FPU and helping people create lasting money habits.

So, what exactly is Ramsey+, and how is it different from FPU?
FPU is taught in a nine-lesson class. After the nine lessons are over, graduates are responsible for continuing their financial journey on their own.
Ramsey+, on the other hand, will walk with you throughout your entire financial journey. Ramsey+ still includes FPU, but the team over at Ramsey Solutions is constantly adding more resources to help people continue to win with money. They’ve rolled all of their content, tools and resources into one all-access membership that help you lead a life of financial peace.
With additional courses like Jump Start, Smart Money Smart Kids, Legacy Journey and Budgeting That Actually Works, you will have access to financial education customized for exactly where you are on your money journey. Using the EveryDollar app, you can create budgeting habits that help you take control of your money every month. And with the new BabySteps app, you can track your progress and see how quickly you can reach their goals. All of these great tools are included with Ramsey+.

We have included some tutorial videos below to help you get started.
 All you have to do is click the Registration button below to set up your account and take advantage of the free membership!
(Simply enter your first name, last name, and email. Then click Get Started and you will start your free membership!)