Immerse: Kingdoms

What is Immerse: Kingdoms?
Immerse Kingdoms is an for 8-week reading plan (5 days a week) that we will be reading together as a church. It covers the Bible books Joshua through 2 Kings . The reading is straight from the New Living Translation of the Bible, but without the delineation of Chapters and verses- so it reads more like it did when it was originally written.

Why are we reading Immerse: Kingdoms?
We are reading this study together so that we can engage with the word of God in unity. The sermons that we will be hearing each Sunday morning will be based on scriptures we have already read within each week.

When are reading Immerse: Kingdoms?
Monday January 25th through Friday March 19th.

Are there any study guides for the reading?
Yes! We are doing a study together in the majority of our small groups. If you are not in a small group, click below to get connected to one.
There are also a daily family study guide and small group participant's guide available for download by clicking below.
How can I get Immerse: Kingdoms?  Is there a cost?
We have physical copies of Immerse: Kingdoms at the church. We are asking, if you are able, for a suggested donation of $8.
Alternatively, you can download an eBook version by clicking below or listen for free via podcast below.